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Arti Anand and Komal Kushal Raj are two women who love fashion but struggled for years to find great fitting clothes. As busy women on the go, they saw firsthand how expensive and time consuming it was to have garments tailored after a purchase, many times still leaving much to be desired. Determined to give women access to a better solution, they outlined their vision for NUMARI.

At NUMARI, Arti and Komal are building a brand focused on fit, functionality, and convenience. The pair is empowering women to go about their day with more confidence and style, all while saving time and money.




WHY CUSTOM: My proportions are anything but standard as I identify with two completely different sizes on top and bottom. Finding a great fit off-the-rack has been nearly impossible all my life. Pair that with my narrow shoulders and 5’ 2” build and the prospects go from nearly to entirely impossible. Even when I’ve found a silhouette that I love and make room in my schedule and wallet for alterations (oh for the love of a good fit!) – the end result is never quite right. My mantra? Go custom or go home.


FAVORITE DRESS: The Agency Sheath. All of the words that I associate with great style – timeless, simple, and sophisticated – are embodied in this silhouette. This dress has a great neckline for statement jewelry and the neutral colors pair perfectly with a pop color blazer.


BEFORE NUMARI: A jack of all trades, I’ve worked in every industry from banking to consulting to consumer products and services. My last venture was in the luxury stationery space, giving me a soft spot for good typography and UX. A geek at heart, I also dabble in web development.




WHY CUSTOM: Personalization is very important to me. I customize everything that I can - how I take my coffee, what ingredients are in my food (even when I dine out), and which artists make it into my Spotify playlists. Adding my personal touch makes these things feel more "me". One of my fondest memories is customizing the jewelry I wore at my wedding. I liked different elements of 3 distinct styles and convinced a craftsman create something unique using the three. In the world of fashion, I'm regularly challenged with finding a great fit that meets my needs given my petite frame. Custom is the solution that works reliably every time. Personal style is all about confidence. Nothing makes me feel more confident than wearing a garment that is created exclusively for me.


FAVORITE DRESS: The Sophie Fit & Flare. I like pieces that are sophisticated but still have an element of fun. This dress is just that - comfortably, classy, and playful. A great go-to for both the workday and an evening out on the town.


BEFORE NUMARI: I worked as a management consultant solving problems in the tech world. Business development always came easy to me as I enjoy my fair share of wine (hey who doesn't?) and meeting new people. With familial roots in the garment industry and a true love for fashion, it was only time before I fused these forces with a new way to leverage technology.


NUMARI’s Preview Collection, which includes the Diagonal Block Sheath and Drop Waist Shift was fashioned by Bert Keeter. Bert has previously worked with a range of upscale fashion houses and was a contestant on Lifetime's Project Runway Season 9.