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Comment by Courtney on 5084103338
Saturday, 22 Jul 2017 @ 18:35pm
Samuel atkinson
Comment by LLH on 9196799093
Saturday, 22 Jul 2017 @ 15:42pm
Caller ID says, "Knightdale, NC." Did not answer a call from this number. They did not leave a message. I do not answer calls from numbers I do not recognize and if the call is not important enough to leave a message, it's not important enough to return. If it happens once, I assume it was a misdial. If it happens more than once, I assume it's a scam or spam call and it is blocked. Given the number of scam / spam reports, I'm blocking this number.
Comment by TG on 2144254704
Thursday, 20 Jul 2017 @ 13:51pm
Beware a scam phone call from 214-425-4704 stating they are a Dallas EMT. I just received a phone call from this number and he said that he had an older gentleman who was in a severe car accident and had sustained a broken leg and was unconscious. He said they were unable to identify the person but I was listed as an emergency contact. He was very rude and aggressive over the phone and refused to give me any information yet he was demanding information from me. I refused to tell him anything or give out any names and told him I would contact the hospital he was transporting the gentleman to and would talk to the hospital staff instead. When I inquired what hospital they were going to, he became very aggressive over the phone and then hung up. Needless to say, when I google searched the phone number, it turns out it was a scam. Also, previous victims have been told they needed credit card numbers and other various information such as socials and date of births. Just be wary of this type of phone call and refuse to give out information over the phone.
Comment by Joyce on 8445750573
Wednesday, 19 Jul 2017 @ 17:50pm
Robot call says that I will be receiving something in the mail that will require my signature call back and got voicemail for someone named Rick
Comment by Deb on 2022412585
Wednesday, 19 Jul 2017 @ 12:45pm
Yhis number keeps callinf saying if I dont call back a lawsuit could be filed against me by the IRS
Comment by Vickie Greenfield on 4026852257
Wednesday, 19 Jul 2017 @ 10:19am
Obviously a scam for a free Cruise. Does not answer my questions and it is not a human voice talking to you one on one. Cease calling this number
Comment by Tiffany on 2026562513
Tuesday, 18 Jul 2017 @ 16:35pm
They have called numerous times today at least 4 times never a word when you answer the phone dead silence
Comment by Zoe on 5035641903
Tuesday, 18 Jul 2017 @ 12:33pm
Got texts from this number. long winded message how he got my number from online dating site. (wrong) Said he is an Attorney in London UK. Smells like Catfishing all over. told him off repeatedly.
Comment by Chris on 9027009196
Monday, 17 Jul 2017 @ 14:24pm
Cannot determine whose number this is; did not leave a message
Comment by lucy on 8592030132
Saturday, 15 Jul 2017 @ 11:43am
It's a robo-call. The taped message tells you they will get you a pain-relieving knee or back brace--for which Medicare will pay--if you just ask to talk to their rep. The caller ID on the call says "MED CLINIC" -- as if this were your own physician calling you back, and the taped does begin by saying they are calling you because someone at your number asked them to. It's an invitation for you to join them in Medicare fraud -- don't do it!
Comment by Pete on 6262145609
Saturday, 15 Jul 2017 @ 10:56am
Unknown caller, Used my name in the message, but left no message of substance. Unknown purpose. Strange!
Comment by jerry on 8555010839
Friday, 14 Jul 2017 @ 18:41pm
July 14, 2017 2 voice mails at 6:00 pm and 7:45 pm
Name is prashant says he is my account manager, call back asap.
He said the name of his company but with very strong Indian accent I couldn't understand. I think a scam
Comment by Charles on 8647869033
Friday, 14 Jul 2017 @ 15:55pm
Scammers.. prey on the elderly
Comment by Mel on 02036346989
Friday, 14 Jul 2017 @ 06:00am
They repeatedly called me 4 times in half an hour - about every 5-10 minutes they called me but leave no message
Comment by Russ on 9122164714
Wednesday, 12 Jul 2017 @ 18:52pm
Called 3 times tonight. Second time told them not to call again and the morons called a third time
Comment by Anna on 8554403937
Wednesday, 12 Jul 2017 @ 09:39am
855-440-3937, is for Eyelogics, a pharmacy that works with offices to provide eye drops for patients having cataract and other eye surgeries. We are not a 'scam' we just want to provide you with the medication needed for your upcoming procedure :) We are from the US located in Indiana, we have patients all over the US and use a toll free phone number so that it is free for patients outside of Indiana to reach us. If you have any questions we would be happy to answer them, or if you feel more comfortable please verify who we are with your eye Dr.
Comment by TOM on 01473541149
Wednesday, 12 Jul 2017 @ 05:00am
Comment by TOM on 01618281793
Wednesday, 12 Jul 2017 @ 04:56am
Comment by Kadir on 0125689362
Wednesday, 12 Jul 2017 @ 02:34am
Missed call ,no pickup when call back
Comment by Dorothy on 18667689100
Tuesday, 11 Jul 2017 @ 11:45am
They keep calling all times of the day and have never left a voicemail.
I just put it on 'auto reject list' so I don't have to be continually annoyed and disrupted.
Comment by Joe Buloba on 4842430154
Tuesday, 11 Jul 2017 @ 09:32am
Lonely g a y man calling looking for love.
Comment by g on 7242160554
Tuesday, 11 Jul 2017 @ 09:13am
they call my house every week day and some weekends for the last 18 months. I never answer, but they just keep calling.
Comment by Paul. on 07585615687
Tuesday, 11 Jul 2017 @ 07:04am
A rather pushy tree care company. Told me that July was the best time to prune a willow tree when it is the worst. I pointed out that a willow must never be pruned whilst actively growing. Tried to tell me it is a myth! Wouldn't trust.ferrier
Comment by Joe on 6364950146
Tuesday, 11 Jul 2017 @ 06:31am
I got a call from this number, and I live in Canada...
Comment by omar on 8498792259
Monday, 10 Jul 2017 @ 20:11pm
solo quiero saber quien me llama tanto
Comment by Veer on 8067029100
Monday, 10 Jul 2017 @ 19:26pm
Number information
Comment by Mags ! on 01489663900
Monday, 10 Jul 2017 @ 09:04am
Silent calls !!
Comment by Linxa on 8056377249
Sunday, 9 Jul 2017 @ 20:49pm
Keep getting calls,no answer?
Comment by Leah on 2027687862
Sunday, 9 Jul 2017 @ 13:08pm
I don't understand people who haven't the basic common sence to block a number!
Our cell phones have this capacity easily. Geesh!
Comment by MOI on 4024030068
Saturday, 8 Jul 2017 @ 11:39am
Comment by Shannon on 3143805609
Friday, 7 Jul 2017 @ 16:21pm
They just called me , and the girl was laughing with someone else. said a whole bunch of words really fast. when I said what, she hung up on me
Comment by Shanna on 6109041058
Friday, 7 Jul 2017 @ 08:36am
That number left me a voicemail telling me I have four federal charges against me. Lol. No I don't. Block these people. Huge scam
Comment by Pam on 8092549887
Thursday, 6 Jul 2017 @ 16:15pm
Calls weekly during the evening and night but doesn't leave a message.
Comment by Miranda on 8582830012
Thursday, 6 Jul 2017 @ 09:32am
I get 3 calls in a row from this number, all hangups every time. Turns out it is someone calling saying, "We understand you are a person in your household that likes to travel... blah blah". Not sure where they got my number as it has ALWAYS been on the DO NOT CALL registry. Very shady sales tactics, and every time you call number back, it says the Verizon wireless customer isn't avail.
Comment by Jim on 4045676723
Thursday, 6 Jul 2017 @ 06:24am
Received call let it go to voice mail. They left no voice mail.
Comment by IsGarbageCaller on 0323839111
Wednesday, 5 Jul 2017 @ 17:18pm
Citibank Telemarketer. Ignore & Block Call.
Comment by Owen on 03300165009
Wednesday, 5 Jul 2017 @ 15:50pm
This is a registered charity who work to try and aid primary schools with educational workbooks
Comment by Anne on 0027611077648
Wednesday, 5 Jul 2017 @ 14:26pm
My partner holidayed in. South Africa prior to Christmas and on his return received a call from this number .
Unfortunately he answered the call.
Want to find out more , email me on
Comment by Josie on 6509065027
Wednesday, 5 Jul 2017 @ 09:09am
This is a Robocall. I called the number and received an automated voice response with the mailbox being full. I just blocked the number.
Comment by Theresa on 8008695894
Wednesday, 5 Jul 2017 @ 08:49am
Called and left message that Microsoft key was expired and it was an emergency. Scam!
Comment by JH on 3309546983
Wednesday, 5 Jul 2017 @ 08:14am
Is a scammer pretending to be the Internal Revenue Service, this is a fraudulent caller!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment by Ain on 0177084678
Wednesday, 5 Jul 2017 @ 02:12am
My hubby
Comment by Karen on 0376619244
Monday, 3 Jul 2017 @ 19:34pm
this phone no has been miss called many times but no message left
Comment by A on 2022412585
Monday, 3 Jul 2017 @ 13:32pm
Recorded caller says there is a claim against me by federal authorities and to call before things gets worse. I blocked this number and they left me 3 messages in one day.
Comment by can't stand this crap on 2064002681
Monday, 3 Jul 2017 @ 10:52am
went to answer it and they hung up.... Voxbow SA, whatever that is..... showed up on caller ID......
Comment by Rich on 3022021578
Monday, 3 Jul 2017 @ 09:43am
Identical as above comment.
Comment by mohamadzen hipni on 192316018
Monday, 3 Jul 2017 @ 03:11am
unknown number try to track down who called me from this number +192316018
Comment by Lacey on 4062005307
Monday, 3 Jul 2017 @ 02:41am
They called no response and thrn hung up
Comment by Adam Smith on 03037707700
Monday, 3 Jul 2017 @ 00:26am
This is the call back number from the 111 service in the UK.
You should receive a voicemail from them as well.
Comment by Adam on 4147510203
Friday, 30 Jun 2017 @ 21:03pm
Since about 4/2017 maybe this person has been pretending to be someone who had this number a year or so ago. And they are scamming and ripping people off who think they are talking to the previous owner, whose name is Becky and does massages. Once again, Becky has NOT had this number in a very very long time so PLEASE don't let the pile of crap who has it now and is impersonating the real Becky, rip you off!!!!
Comment by Why on 01274589724
Friday, 30 Jun 2017 @ 02:33am
Silent call, could hearing someone breathing, hung on for a minute and rung off. Weirdo.
Comment by Terrie on 0295498500
Thursday, 29 Jun 2017 @ 18:55pm
This is the number that comes up when you request a call back from Origin.
Comment by Kay on 7194522537
Thursday, 29 Jun 2017 @ 08:38am
Robocall stating they sent a check out for a loan and we didn't cash it yet -some type of scam.
Comment by Kathy on 4809946180
Thursday, 29 Jun 2017 @ 07:51am
What a total SCAMMER you are. First you talk really fast in not-so-good English and then when asked what EXACTLY your company sells you HANG UP ON PEOPLE. This is WAR.
Comment by Rick on 2093929641
Thursday, 29 Jun 2017 @ 05:41am
209-392-9641 calls me and hangs up several times a week. Anyone know who they are? Im on the National DNC list so I'd be interested so I can file a complaint with some correct details.
Comment by Liz on 9123087800
Tuesday, 27 Jun 2017 @ 20:20pm
Calls all the time. Wanting money for a fake charity. She just keeps money for herself
Comment by easy persuader on 9152090234
Tuesday, 27 Jun 2017 @ 17:10pm
i lent this person money because my stupidity led to believing that if i pay him 200 he will give me a dog
Comment by Private on 02036035587
Tuesday, 27 Jun 2017 @ 07:01am
This number contacted me claiming to be "low cost home improvement" when I asked for their website he said it was this website doesn't exist and it goes straight to a Hong Kong company.

Ignore calls from this number it is not a legitimate business.

Comment by Sauce on 6152051125
Tuesday, 27 Jun 2017 @ 06:20am
Called today, didn't leave a message.

Yesterday, they called from 1124, then day before it was 1123. Blocked all numbers.
Comment by Not giving this info on 9045206848
Monday, 26 Jun 2017 @ 14:45pm
Rang my phone but hung up before i could answer.