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Comment by mark on 6466321432
Tuesday, 21 Nov 2017 @ 14:48pm
got a call from this number and left a virtual voicemail in regards to a deposite wanting me to return their call. stop calling me with scam number
Comment by Jack on 8768699254
Tuesday, 21 Nov 2017 @ 12:58pm
Just now got 5 calls and 17 blank messages from the same number please let me know who the f**k is he
Comment by Karl Hammond on 6466321432
Tuesday, 21 Nov 2017 @ 11:58am
stop calling me
Comment by Craig on 01462815891
Monday, 20 Nov 2017 @ 10:59am
This tel no is scam call do not answer as you get charged for picking up .
Comment by Zdr on 07778885009
Monday, 20 Nov 2017 @ 06:02am
Comment by ceteris on 01116917083
Sunday, 19 Nov 2017 @ 22:11pm
kudrat partners. rude collection agency.
Comment by Megan on 6083329374
Saturday, 18 Nov 2017 @ 18:51pm
called twice in 10 min and did not leave a voicemail.
Comment by yo on 2132692123
Saturday, 18 Nov 2017 @ 13:11pm
No voice mail, just keeps calling..I never answer.
Comment by DDE on 8801613468
Friday, 17 Nov 2017 @ 11:28am
Yet another scam phone call from 880-161-3468.
Comment by hsinah on 0391089834
Wednesday, 15 Nov 2017 @ 20:17pm
Comment by Suzi on 8158736332
Wednesday, 15 Nov 2017 @ 16:03pm
I didn't pick up as I did not recognize the number. No message was left, I am sure it was Telemarketer/Spam
Comment by V on 7279980085
Wednesday, 15 Nov 2017 @ 08:35am
Scammer. Don't pick up.
Comment by brian b on 3123001356
Monday, 13 Nov 2017 @ 13:11pm
wanted to confirm street address, asked him why, said it was public information. So I hung up.
Comment by Mark on 2675077480
Monday, 13 Nov 2017 @ 10:24am
Receive repeated calls from them and no message. Nuisance!
Comment by Jill on 6105154539
Sunday, 12 Nov 2017 @ 15:45pm
It's troy looking for a place to stay.
Comment by Jimmy Chew (Singapore, Tampines) on 64929753
Friday, 10 Nov 2017 @ 01:25am
Hi Numari,

Can you help me to trace who this call is? Tel: 64929753.

Thank you!

Comment by tony on 6197199640
Thursday, 9 Nov 2017 @ 17:59pm
If you call 619-719-9640 as a telemarketer, you will be sued pursuant to 47 USC section 227
Comment by Esther on 2026880349
Thursday, 9 Nov 2017 @ 14:40pm
Please stop calling! I have received 10 calls daily from this number.
Comment by Sandy on 7145982727
Thursday, 9 Nov 2017 @ 14:39pm
I have been receiving several calls a day for 2-3 weeks from this number. Caller ID shows it is from Anaheim. I have now blocked their number, and since then, they are using this number: (714) 604-2627, which I have also blocked. Calls start right after 8 a.m. Otherwise, I would let nomorobo pick it up.
Comment by Sandy on 7146042627
Thursday, 9 Nov 2017 @ 14:33pm
Was not happy that they called at 8:10 a.m. I do not know who this is. Showed up as Santa Ana, CA on caller ID.
Comment by Guy on 02071931649
Wednesday, 8 Nov 2017 @ 05:09am
Does anyone know who this number belongs to
Comment by jim tot on 011715
Monday, 6 Nov 2017 @ 20:24pm
call from 011715090098 and hung up or not accepting calls
Comment by David on 01312369925
Monday, 6 Nov 2017 @ 03:33am
Comment by AJM on 0424050272
Sunday, 5 Nov 2017 @ 18:16pm
SMS stating my Combank account is locked with a link to verify, the account is fine
Comment by John on 3053405539
Saturday, 4 Nov 2017 @ 09:39am
Who does this # belong to?
Comment by Dave on 01202900661
Friday, 3 Nov 2017 @ 07:52am
Bournemouth Water Company regarding account and recent customer experience. Worth picking up.
Comment by Kk on 4024036822
Thursday, 2 Nov 2017 @ 14:11pm
Never answers when I try to call back to see who it is.
Comment by sally on 9738217089
Thursday, 2 Nov 2017 @ 05:39am
SCAM ! Real estate Scam as if they want to buy your house. I can smell them miles away. This are not located in NJ.
Comment by anonymous on 8768029418
Thursday, 2 Nov 2017 @ 01:23am
These are scammers in Jamaica claiming to be Publishers Clearing House. They falsely say you won something to try to trick you into giving money for "taxes" and "fees" for a nonexistant prize.
Comment by TC on 01855413778
Wednesday, 1 Nov 2017 @ 12:55pm
Scammer trying to sell a van, beware!!
Comment by Sajid on 2165391870
Tuesday, 31 Oct 2017 @ 12:49pm
called and didn't leave a message
Comment by Fish on 8172728340
Sunday, 29 Oct 2017 @ 15:47pm
UTA Alumni fundraising number
Comment by Stacy on 2013662043
Thursday, 26 Oct 2017 @ 10:12am
called, left no voicemail... I will be blocking
Comment by Jim on 15618610111
Wednesday, 25 Oct 2017 @ 15:43pm
A long blast from my hand held boat air horn stopped these calls immediately
Comment by PB on 6192724354
Wednesday, 25 Oct 2017 @ 15:00pm
Called twice in a row. Answered and hung up after 30 seconds, no sound.
Comment by Skhairi on 0376288100
Wednesday, 25 Oct 2017 @ 06:54am
I want the information about this phone number
Comment by Manuel on 7026800910
Tuesday, 24 Oct 2017 @ 11:53am
Stupid grace the receptionist she calls and when we try to ask who's calling they don't want to tell you unless you state that your the person they want to speak to f**ken c**t get a real job
Comment by the Real Seth on 6692223778
Tuesday, 24 Oct 2017 @ 10:12am
Somebody using email phone number 669-222-3778 is contacting people and pretending to be me. They are using my name to try to scam people out of money.
Comment by Lee on 27276
Tuesday, 24 Oct 2017 @ 09:30am
Bastards sound like they are in a well and bothering me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment by JM on 03332128962
Tuesday, 24 Oct 2017 @ 07:14am
They call at least once a day but no one ever speaks!!
Comment by Yauh Minghi on 3252691377
Monday, 23 Oct 2017 @ 19:36pm
This is my best friends phone number what the hell
Comment by Lee on 4137765379
Monday, 23 Oct 2017 @ 10:33am
They have called every day for a week now. Never leaves a message.
Comment by Brynn on 6624520538
Monday, 23 Oct 2017 @ 09:28am
No message, missed call
Comment by Jessi on 8132972623
Sunday, 22 Oct 2017 @ 18:04pm
SPAM. Calls me all the time, even leaves stupid senseless voicemails
Comment by Jennifer on 3469982204
Sunday, 22 Oct 2017 @ 12:31pm
Calls five times a day but no voicemail, and I refuse to answer Beware of scam that waits for you to answer. They may often try to get you to say Yes somehow to they can record it and potentially use it to get money from your bank.
Comment by SICKOFIT on 2092504710
Thursday, 19 Oct 2017 @ 13:10pm
Comment by Dave on 8312174070
Thursday, 19 Oct 2017 @ 05:34am
Called with no Caller ID info so let go to voicemail. No message left.
Comment by FG on 0021657422248
Thursday, 19 Oct 2017 @ 04:02am
Missed call today @ 11.30am
Comment by Cindy on 4257405495
Wednesday, 18 Oct 2017 @ 14:06pm
This is Century Credit debt collection agency I spoke to them today they are making a collection for a medical facility
Comment by Thomas on 88233710023
Wednesday, 18 Oct 2017 @ 11:25am
Comment by Steve on 9372151656
Wednesday, 18 Oct 2017 @ 08:19am
Keeps calling. No name and no message.
Comment by Angie on 07970296991
Wednesday, 18 Oct 2017 @ 05:58am
It is a recruitment company trying to contact me about a role, good call, safe to answer.
Comment by Max on 7274581969
Tuesday, 17 Oct 2017 @ 14:58pm
07.14.2017: Some woman from this number left a voice message ranting about me calling her. I've never called her number and my cell phone bill can prove it. Blocked the number against future nonsense.

10.17.2017: My blocking app showed that a call from this number tried getting through again but there's no message due to the app.
Comment by Jess on 6465135702
Tuesday, 17 Oct 2017 @ 08:15am
I need to know who and where this number is calling from.
Comment by Jackie on 7142940796
Monday, 16 Oct 2017 @ 17:47pm
I could tell it was auto dial due to the delay after I said hello - I told them I was on the do not call list and to remove my number. He then said rudely "Are you finished now" I hung up and called it back and it says it is a non working number. Hate these calls
Comment by Zoo on 112814170702
Monday, 16 Oct 2017 @ 10:05am
I did not answer, left no message
Comment by No name on 0164387198
Monday, 16 Oct 2017 @ 07:54am
This person is a scammer
Comment by Gareth on 0390785411
Friday, 13 Oct 2017 @ 20:33pm
Called 14/10 2:30pm saturday
Called back instant answer to elevator music
No idea who????
Comment by Bob P Wilson on 4158892915
Thursday, 12 Oct 2017 @ 10:20am
This phone number is owned by (Do you use to trigger pushes to your smartphone? If so, this is the number servers are using to place a push. I'm sure this is only one number out of many numbers). Hope this helps.
Comment by Carla on 01925406700
Thursday, 12 Oct 2017 @ 02:33am
Said i had a missed call from this number, when i called it back it stated it was an unmanned answer phone and to call my GP to find out what it was about. GP has no knowledge of the call?