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Comment by flip on 7276140827
Wednesday, 16 Aug 2017 @ 10:26am
hang up when I answered
Comment by Jack on 7542009043
Wednesday, 16 Aug 2017 @ 05:50am
These people try to set up folks and then blackmail them into paying. Be caredul.
Comment by Hamilton on 9728609578
Wednesday, 16 Aug 2017 @ 05:47am
These people are using ACE CASH EXPRESS as a mask, they are telling you that you can get a loan of $3000. 1st they'll tell you that they're going to deposit an X amount of $'s in your account, 2nd they want you to withdraw the money go to Wal-Mart and send the money to them, afterwards they claim then you'll get your loan,
but what they don't know is that there are detectives on line watching them, and they've recently tried putting fraudulent money in one of their accounts. PLEASE BEWARE OF THESE SCAMMERS!
Comment by Robin on 3303001115
Tuesday, 15 Aug 2017 @ 15:53pm
Annoying calls. Stop!!!!
Comment by kay on 2402199452
Tuesday, 15 Aug 2017 @ 09:55am
just got a call from this number 240+219-9452- when I answered they hung up
without saying a word.
Comment by Fran on 01613021906
Tuesday, 15 Aug 2017 @ 08:47am
Company offering to get interest back from payday loans
Comment by jose on 2149831231
Monday, 14 Aug 2017 @ 11:22am
who you are?
Comment by robbie on 0452013342
Saturday, 12 Aug 2017 @ 05:17am
Just got same called no message another hacking attempt from overseas just saved it with the title ," don't ansa " so I know not to.
Comment by ANA on 9417066863
Friday, 11 Aug 2017 @ 16:23pm
ALL FALSE REPORTS ACROSS THE WEB. One person. Not many. Short, simple, same type reports, same time frame. Google my number 941-706-6863. I am having too much fun answering my phone and meeting new people. LIBEL - LIBEL - LIBEL. Remove immediately. Suggestion: get the authorssssss LOL IP address(es). It's actually CRIMINAL soooooo..... grow up. Don't know who you are, (have an idea), but don't care. I only care that I am not going to put up with it. C-R-I-M-I-N-A-L. Libel sweetie!!!
Comment by Barb on 5043233319
Friday, 11 Aug 2017 @ 13:23pm
When I answered, a guy came on the line and asked for Zacharius. I said there was no one here by that name. He thanked me and hung up. Possibly a collection agency?
Comment by Amanda on 2192154531
Friday, 11 Aug 2017 @ 13:02pm
This number calls and they ask for someone in charge of our credit card processing and I asked what it was regarding. I told her I am the manager so I can see if there was anything I can help with and because I am not "in charge" she said "Okay bye" (in a salty voice) and hung up on me. They have called a few times before. Probably a scam
Comment by mike on 6174899863
Friday, 11 Aug 2017 @ 09:50am
I let the call bounce to voice mail. No message left.
Comment by Somebody on 0394209225
Friday, 11 Aug 2017 @ 03:05am
Its Melbourne Clinic number
Comment by Time Share Scam. on 8182978669
Thursday, 10 Aug 2017 @ 18:56pm
Time Share Scam. Says you were at our resort so just give us some money and we can give you more time. Just send $500 western union or money gram.
Comment by Charles on 3014854225
Thursday, 10 Aug 2017 @ 13:10pm
Calls repeatedly, about every 5 to 10 minutes.
Comment by Lynne on 7133382370
Thursday, 10 Aug 2017 @ 10:59am
Called 8-10-2017. Don't know who it is.
Comment by James on 2022415750
Wednesday, 9 Aug 2017 @ 18:18pm
It's a scam...the robotic message says there is an outstanding warrant for my arrest, but there was no reference to anyone's name in our household
Comment by Bruce on 5187300423
Wednesday, 9 Aug 2017 @ 15:12pm
Looking for loan consolidation information.
Comment by Joe on 2057091449
Wednesday, 9 Aug 2017 @ 11:54am
Calls dozens of times s day
Comment by raa raa on 4158480778
Wednesday, 9 Aug 2017 @ 09:52am
receiving repeated calls from this number. male voice on first call but no one on the next few calls and then stopped answering their calls
Comment by Jesus on 07903263138
Wednesday, 9 Aug 2017 @ 03:19am
It's from a f*cking recruitment company so chill out, if anything it might be an opportunity you have been waiting for.
Comment by Lucky on 999000999
Wednesday, 9 Aug 2017 @ 02:25am
999000999 i got a text from this number and i am just so confused with the text and i would like to know who did this ....???
Comment by Ciara on 0216018172
Wednesday, 9 Aug 2017 @ 01:26am
The number is Bord Gais collections for overdue accounts
Comment by Jane on 5868381009
Monday, 7 Aug 2017 @ 12:49pm
Got a text.. '
MSG:We/Need/Your/Urgent/Attention/Please Dial: 586.838.1009'...
Huntington bank claiming to have deactivated your debit card due to suspicious activity. They want your social security to get started. It's a scam!
Comment by Andy on 01412808047
Monday, 7 Aug 2017 @ 06:38am
A firm called Warm and Secure in the Glasgow area. Government grants for new boilers etc. Won't take no for an answer. Keeps phoning.
Comment by Pat on 8324127816
Friday, 4 Aug 2017 @ 01:16am
Comment by Jim on 9165382502
Thursday, 3 Aug 2017 @ 15:39pm
Called and left no message. Called back to check if legit and right away the "message" says that it's Scott Hardcastle and to leave my name number and message at the beep. But strangely enough, it didn't sound like it was a cell phone or landline going to voice mail or so on.
Comment by Laura on 2013660841
Thursday, 3 Aug 2017 @ 15:03pm
Called on my cell, did not answer & they didn't leave a message. Will block.
Comment by Armando on 8053017023
Thursday, 3 Aug 2017 @ 12:49pm
Claims to be a mistery shoppers company working for Wall Mart to see how the employees are treating customers, send you a cashier check and ask you to deposit it and in 24 hrs they will send you the assigment
Comment by Ingrid on 9014026765
Thursday, 3 Aug 2017 @ 09:40am
Quiero saber de quien realmente es este numero
Comment by chris on 07714602157
Thursday, 3 Aug 2017 @ 08:40am
this number called then hung up when answered :(
Comment by Grey Rabbit on 0191340676
Thursday, 3 Aug 2017 @ 02:38am
Had a call today (Thur 3/08/17) on a mobile that is usually switched off !
Can only assume that it is an unwanted type of caller.
I didn't answer.
Comment by Pat on 8324127816
Thursday, 3 Aug 2017 @ 02:11am
I am on the "No Call List", but these people are Persistant..
Comment by Jim on 8189024234
Wednesday, 2 Aug 2017 @ 17:27pm
Person said they were from Cane and Weiner and it was a personal business matter didn't leave any other information but to call back. Don't know them so guess they don't get a call sounds strange to me.
Comment by Heather on 9722102876
Wednesday, 2 Aug 2017 @ 13:36pm
Calls twice in a row several times a day but never leaves a message
Comment by Steve on 9172677705
Wednesday, 2 Aug 2017 @ 11:43am
Kept calling me from this number saying his name was Sam from PSEG. Told him to stop harrassing me and he got angry and would not stop calling and trying to pick a fight. Idiot scammer.
Then he threatened that my phone line will be tied up all day.
Comment by Qe3n65 on 6468492580
Wednesday, 2 Aug 2017 @ 10:44am
Used for conducting illegal activity. Received an sms regarding bank account safety and to visit a website for more information.
Comment by Annoyed on 7208351489
Wednesday, 2 Aug 2017 @ 06:57am
Someone from this number is leaving several faxes on my voicemail--3 mins apart. Very annoying.
Comment by Anonymous on 7185275703
Tuesday, 1 Aug 2017 @ 22:55pm
Allstate Agency, they helped me a lot
Comment by Baby on 0177084678
Tuesday, 1 Aug 2017 @ 21:38pm
My ex keep calling me. Why?miss me...isn't it?
Comment by Stephanie on 8662862689
Tuesday, 1 Aug 2017 @ 03:02am
They tried to extort money out of my mother and i re a package for my deceased brother.
Comment by Britney Brooms on 9417066863
Monday, 31 Jul 2017 @ 16:19pm
Something need to be done with these annoyance calls. They just keep dialing my number over and over.
Comment by M on 5058047512
Saturday, 29 Jul 2017 @ 15:28pm
They text and ask random questions, states their name is Jamie and acts strange. Be careful.
Comment by Phone number finder on 8042861702
Saturday, 29 Jul 2017 @ 11:36am
804-286-1702 is used at a saluda jail for inmates to call out to contact others this number is safe to answer... Have a great day
Comment by Phone number finder on 8042861702
Saturday, 29 Jul 2017 @ 11:34am
8042861702 is a phone number used at saliva in the jail when inmates call out to try to reach others
Comment by Brad on 2057255077
Saturday, 29 Jul 2017 @ 08:02am
No one on the line when I answer and then it just hangs up.
Comment by Truth on 7852920873
Saturday, 29 Jul 2017 @ 00:58am
Niverian Scammer
Comment by Linda on 2083661953
Friday, 28 Jul 2017 @ 14:07pm
Something need to be done with these annoyance calls. They just keep dialing my number over and over. Telemarketers have rules governing their calls. They do not respect the 'no call list'. They don't respect you asking them not to call again. They just keep calling! Some government agency need to put an end to this practice by fining them big money for the first offense, the go up with each additional call!!!!
Comment by Shirley Norvell on 8053017023
Friday, 28 Jul 2017 @ 11:37am
Trying to find out if this is a real operation, or a scam
Comment by sana khan on 6155675602
Thursday, 27 Jul 2017 @ 12:27pm
somebody is calling me on this no.
Comment by john on 5255255252
Thursday, 27 Jul 2017 @ 09:31am
left message about being flagged and not using my pertinent information. Have no Idea who this is person's name is Mayyadah Miller
Comment by Number owner on 6123773909
Wednesday, 26 Jul 2017 @ 22:37pm
Can't leave the device on silent. This is a business phone/land line. May have been a problem with the service company (CenturyLink). As for the others. After 9pm, someone may have used ur phone and we were calling back. All others we may have dialed u by mistake (wrong number). Sorry it happens.
Comment by Aubrey on 2015786991
Wednesday, 26 Jul 2017 @ 14:57pm
Craigslist and PayPal scammer
Comment by Steve on 4193181321
Wednesday, 26 Jul 2017 @ 07:04am
This number has rung me 5 times in 4 days. I have not answered.
Comment by Lisa on 9165382502
Tuesday, 25 Jul 2017 @ 15:54pm
Received a call today and did not pick up; no voice mail was left. Spam?
Comment by Brad Ellis on 8448790568
Tuesday, 25 Jul 2017 @ 15:07pm
Received two calls from this number today and the caller simply said "thank you for your time" and then hung up. Very strange.
Comment by elmer on 2162201489
Tuesday, 25 Jul 2017 @ 14:00pm
please take me off your calling list I am not interested in your pain cream or any other remdies that you may have so do not call me again or I will contact my lawyer for harassing me thank you
Comment by Rob on 6477222045
Tuesday, 25 Jul 2017 @ 12:33pm
Don't answer it or they'll call you more often.
Comment by Les on 7603213053
Tuesday, 25 Jul 2017 @ 11:38am
Asking for donations for leukemia.
Comment by john on 2405090893
Tuesday, 25 Jul 2017 @ 10:56am
Calls says nothing so disrespectful and interference of privacy