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Comment by Liz on 9123087800
Tuesday, 27 Jun 2017 @ 20:20pm
Calls all the time. Wanting money for a fake charity. She just keeps money for herself
Comment by easy persuader on 9152090234
Tuesday, 27 Jun 2017 @ 17:10pm
i lent this person money because my stupidity led to believing that if i pay him 200 he will give me a dog
Comment by Private on 02036035587
Tuesday, 27 Jun 2017 @ 07:01am
This number contacted me claiming to be "low cost home improvement" when I asked for their website he said it was this website doesn't exist and it goes straight to a Hong Kong company.

Ignore calls from this number it is not a legitimate business.

Comment by Sauce on 6152051125
Tuesday, 27 Jun 2017 @ 06:20am
Called today, didn't leave a message.

Yesterday, they called from 1124, then day before it was 1123. Blocked all numbers.
Comment by Not giving this info on 9045206848
Monday, 26 Jun 2017 @ 14:45pm
Rang my phone but hung up before i could answer.
Comment by Cinnamon on 9047804567
Monday, 26 Jun 2017 @ 08:51am
Who are you
Comment by Debbie on 3237413136
Sunday, 25 Jun 2017 @ 13:58pm
This number has called me 20 times in the last 3 days. How do I get it to stop.
Comment by Dboi on 4096650440
Sunday, 25 Jun 2017 @ 13:50pm
This is a trusted & verified elite companion.
Comment by Leigh on 4172320034
Friday, 23 Jun 2017 @ 13:10pm
I get calls from this number every day but they do not leave a message.
Comment by Jason on 07927094246
Friday, 23 Jun 2017 @ 00:09am
Salon Manufacturing ltd. Kwaku Nyantekyi
Comment by marie on 7162613102
Thursday, 22 Jun 2017 @ 12:38pm
called this number its regarding old debt.
Comment by Trip on 2292552189
Wednesday, 21 Jun 2017 @ 13:39pm
Been getting multiple calls from this number. Don't recognize and never leaves a message. Most likely robo caller.
Comment by Jessie on 9292301286
Wednesday, 21 Jun 2017 @ 12:47pm
Man calling with very poor English wanting to collect a credit card debt. When asked name of card he said united world bankers. Which is probably not even a real thing. I told him to never call again, he got nasty and said I was a rude woman. Clearly running some type of scam.
Comment by Robin Jennings on 2026160673
Wednesday, 21 Jun 2017 @ 11:46am
This man ask too speak too me called out my name! An I asked him how may I help him? He said nothing? I hung up! ...he called again today three times I have not answered.
Comment by Tim Woodly on 5083869005
Wednesday, 21 Jun 2017 @ 08:57am
He called me and said his name is Steve Richards from CRS.

Basically he demanded that I pay some money that I owe to this Law firm over the phone. He got frustrated when I told him I did not feel comfortable giving him my phone number.
Comment by privatebusiness on 5873159063
Wednesday, 21 Jun 2017 @ 07:50am
Recorded voice required to "press any key now" - I guess it's phishing
Comment by Lili on 5143752530
Tuesday, 20 Jun 2017 @ 18:02pm
Have been getting Cala for several days, but I never pick up
Comment by lr on 6126263261
Tuesday, 20 Jun 2017 @ 15:48pm
talked to person, said she was taking a poll on health insurance
Comment by Shara on 4305407009
Tuesday, 20 Jun 2017 @ 11:11am
Phoned and I called back to see who it was and it never even rang.
Comment by Lisa on 9737182504
Tuesday, 20 Jun 2017 @ 09:27am
Calls come in around 730 am and late evening around 8 to 9 pm and some times 10 am I assetwd a few times. One was extended vehicle warranty, then I won a trio to the Bahamas. This number comes up on my cell when I dont answer my land line. It's extremely annoying. Especially in the am hours as i dont have to be awake at 8 am or at night when I am eat hinf movies or t.v. shows with my family. My family time is veey impoetant to me, as well as i am not goimg to leave my 2 year old in the tub to answer the phone. It is not necessary to call late either. I will not answer phone calls from number I do not know.
Comment by Tara on 0296156913
Monday, 19 Jun 2017 @ 16:37pm
It is the contact number for a finance company, if you've made an enquiry or provided your contact details this is the reason for the call - to talk about it in more detail. Very helpful and friendly!
Comment by JN on 2025953854
Monday, 19 Jun 2017 @ 13:51pm
Calls, leave noAVER message, hangs up if answered, not anyone I know, must be a telemarketer or spam scam.
Comment by Langerak Roof Systems on 6168962049
Monday, 19 Jun 2017 @ 12:01pm
We are a commercial business in the area. This number calls my office at least once a day if not twice a day. I have asked on numerous occasions not to call as they are disrupting our business. To no avail they continue to cal our office.
Comment by G on 3602058052
Monday, 19 Jun 2017 @ 09:53am
Number called me, I picked up. Onhold music. Called the number, not in service.
Comment by Lal jee yadav on 9335697705
Monday, 19 Jun 2017 @ 08:06am
I want to find this number
Comment by Tony on 6197199640
Saturday, 17 Jun 2017 @ 22:01pm
If you call 6197199640 you will get your ass sued up one side and down the next.

47 USC section 227

known TCPA litigator

This number is on the DNC.

Scrub it or get f**ked.
Comment by Mar on 631842395
Saturday, 17 Jun 2017 @ 04:16am
it's a fake profile
Comment by P on 3038685371
Friday, 16 Jun 2017 @ 15:03pm
This number is connected with people who live at 2529 west Mosier pl. Denver co. 80219.
Police can't do anything about their calls. Call fraud unit 720 913 6752
Comment by Isabel Maione on 9086795479
Friday, 16 Jun 2017 @ 07:11am
Comment by Isabel Maione on 9086795479
Friday, 16 Jun 2017 @ 07:09am
Caller called and when I answered no on answered.
Comment by rajeev on 7387066634
Friday, 16 Jun 2017 @ 02:59am
this no is making our life hell , if we know the address of person thats a great help . so we an lodge the complain
Comment by Rob on 6474968235
Thursday, 15 Jun 2017 @ 18:02pm
This number just called my cell. No message was left. Looks like spam.
Comment by Tiffany on 9178270782
Thursday, 15 Jun 2017 @ 14:53pm
Whoever has this number keeps calling, but does not leave a message. Once I block the number, another NY number calls doing the same thing!!!!

Who is this?
What is this?
Why is this happening?
What can be done to stop this?
Comment by Rich on 9047804567
Thursday, 15 Jun 2017 @ 12:26pm
You call me 10 times a day and never leave a message. I call back and the number is not a working number. Who are you? Never call me again!!!!!
Comment by jorae on 5164054702
Wednesday, 14 Jun 2017 @ 16:46pm
claims they are from the government and are giving out 9,000 dollars to me in a grant because i pay my taxes on time and have no unpaid bills and am a citizen - obviously a scam i blocked the number they have called me numerous times even just today from NY area.
Comment by frank on 7472344181
Wednesday, 14 Jun 2017 @ 13:06pm
friendly marketing company in sherman oaks
Comment by Marv A on 3025179406
Tuesday, 13 Jun 2017 @ 16:53pm
Got a text from this number stating: "Use 850 617 to verify your Instagram account. "

I did not respond
Comment by terence on 8445714233
Tuesday, 13 Jun 2017 @ 12:31pm
"This is a Mac Security Alert". call us soon
Comment by Annmarie Throckmorton on 8004545443
Tuesday, 13 Jun 2017 @ 09:50am
In the past two months 8004545443 has called six times, when I pick up the phone their English is so bad I cannot understand them. They refuse to identify themselves, and continue to call me even though I have directly told them to never call again.
Comment by Suresh on 5200028099
Tuesday, 13 Jun 2017 @ 03:09am
I'm reciving messege lot please who''s this ?
Comment by Audrey, Serena, Carla & Rebecca on 8018200263
Sunday, 11 Jun 2017 @ 11:18am

At 2:15AM, my friends and I decided to call some creepy phone numbers, which I regret doing now, and we found 801-820-0263 on a particular website and we called the number on my phone. We heard very strange noises, and we heard 1... 7... then raaaaaaaah or something like that and my friends yelled at me to hang up the phone, which I did. We were so scared and confused by what we had just heard. I'd say about 45 minutes later, we got a call back from the number and of course, the dumb person I was, I answered it. It said our names, what we were doing and that it was watching us. We didn't say one word and I hung up the phone. We will not be calling this number again
Comment by Richard on 4702060183
Sunday, 11 Jun 2017 @ 09:59am
I received text messages from this number which led me to believe that it was an advance fee scam.
The person claimed that he wanted tutoring for a large number of students for a large number of hours each week and wanted to pay by check. The phone listed is based about 30 miles away out of my service area. After I said cash only he kept insisting on payment by check.
Comment by Peachy on 7064931885
Friday, 9 Jun 2017 @ 15:15pm
Has been calling all week. Doesn't leave a message. When I answer they hang up.
Comment by Andreas on 02072140631
Friday, 9 Jun 2017 @ 06:20am
Called, left no message on my smart phone. Called number back from a landline, was constantly engaged.
Comment by Major on 29914
Thursday, 8 Jun 2017 @ 18:27pm
I just got a call from this five digit phone number. I did not answer and they also did not leave a message. Never gotten a call like this before.
Comment by James on 5055594597
Wednesday, 7 Jun 2017 @ 07:43am
Possible scam
MS tech. wants access to computer to fix unknown problem.
got his number, research says its a scam!
Comment by Gene on 7753913017
Tuesday, 6 Jun 2017 @ 17:26pm
I received a call from this telephone number and the woman's name was Kelly O'Brien she claim to be from tax and accounting services. She said she was calling because an investment company charged my credit card $295 and she gave me the last four numbers of the credit card number. I told her I was not aware of any such thing. She then told me to research it and call them back and she gave me the telephone number for Hilton tax company when I call the telephone number that she gave me I just get an answering machine for a Rebecca at Hilton tax company no one answers I've left a message and no one has called me back. I believe this to be a scam!
Hilton Tax Consulting
10161 W Park Run Drive #150
Las Vegas, NV 89145
Phone: 888-251-2751
Fax: 888-251-9843
Comment by MG on 9549007218
Tuesday, 6 Jun 2017 @ 08:13am
Called and left a heavy breathing sound in his voice mail then hung up. Made it sound like he wasn't aware he was calling. Creepy.
Comment by Gareth on 7726262316
Tuesday, 6 Jun 2017 @ 06:40am
Keeps calling When i did research I see she is associated with POLICE
Comment by Donna on 6826284635
Monday, 5 Jun 2017 @ 19:22pm
Comment by Jacob on 5095363718
Monday, 5 Jun 2017 @ 12:13pm
It called. I didn't answer. Left no voicemail.
Comment by Michelle on 03450920200
Saturday, 3 Jun 2017 @ 05:29am
0345 092 0200 called mine and my husband's phones today. Left no message. Vodafone flogging our numbers i suppose. Have blocked this number.
Comment by Cam on 9123087800
Friday, 2 Jun 2017 @ 16:14pm
Calls often asking if I know a certain guy. Pretty sure she is stalking him and anyone he talks to.
Comment by Gary on 07495715181
Thursday, 1 Jun 2017 @ 10:59am
Driving hands free the phone rang cut out, rang again no one there ? rang again went to voice mail message calling me an Ignorant W....R. I rang back and she told me to F... Off
Comment by Hate on 3055872702
Thursday, 1 Jun 2017 @ 09:22am
let them know how you feel:
Comment by HateSpammers on 3055872702
Thursday, 1 Jun 2017 @ 09:04am
This is a Sales Aggregator, likely WAY overseas, hired by "Nationwide Health Advisors", and calling at random in violation of the National DoNotCall Registry. These folks have called me numerous times, and each time I get them to patch me through to a NHA agent. Then I waste 15-20 minutes of the (poor sucker) agent's time, expressing interest in insurance and giving fake info about me and my family. I ultimately mention the NDNCR and request that the recording of the call be passed up the line to whoever made the decision to use the Sales Aggregator (the original call from 305-587-2702). National Health Advisors is not BBB rated and get generally horrible reviews. Punking them and wasting their time is the only way I can think of to make them change their way of getting sales leads. If you would like to contact NHA and ask them about their telephoning policies, their number is (800) 533-5125. HAVE FUN!
Comment by kmb on 01299533013
Thursday, 1 Jun 2017 @ 03:43am
hi, this number called today, but hung up when i answered.
when i redialled its a company called Rest finance/money
they dont have an office in my area phone code so they must have a scam going
Comment by Gigi on 9013601232
Wednesday, 31 May 2017 @ 16:35pm
Comment by Dana on 2262011725
Wednesday, 31 May 2017 @ 12:18pm
This guy is playing my friend posing as a hockey player...
Comment by Tebogo on 0150010400
Wednesday, 31 May 2017 @ 07:46am
Want to know who called me